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We are so glad you're interested in joining us at Infinity Church! We know your first visit to a church may seem scary, but our goal is to make your first visit as simple as possible! Below, you will find some answers to questions you may not even realize you have! 


Where is Infinity Church located?

We are located on Fairview Street Ext in Fountain Inn! We are just a mile south of exit 24 off i385.

Where do I park?

When you get to our church, you'll notice it is not your typical church building! We have 3 different parking areas (a small lot in front of the church, a grass lot to the south, and a paved lot to the north). As our guest, we want you to take the preferred parking and park as close as you can in the north paved parking lot! You will see a pair of double doors where our welcome team will be waiting to say hello!

What do I wear?

At Infinity Church, we are very casual when it comes to attire. We want you to wear what you're most comfortable wearing when visiting a church for the first time! Most of our folk's wear jeans and a t-shirt or nice top. But if you want to wear a suit and tie or a dress, I'm sure you'll find someone who matches your style!

If I bring my entire family, where do we go?

At our church, we have something available for the whole family! First, when you come in the door, our welcome team will be happy to assist you and help you know where everyone should go! But to give you peace of mind before your first visit, here are some things you might want to know: If you join us at the 9:30am bible study time, we have multiple bible studies for adults! Our bible study rooms are easy to find once you walk in the door and someone will guide you to the correct location where you'll feel most comfortable! If you have young children, we have our KIDfinity Worship during this hour and you can take your kids directly to our worship center where a leader will meet you and guide your kids to the right location! Our worship center is directly to your right once you walk in the main doors off the common area. If you have teenagers, our youth room is to the left down the hall. Our student pastor, Nathan, would love to meet you and show your teenagers where to go!

What can I expect to see when I walk through the doors for the first time?

When you come inside our building, you'll notice you're in a big room with a lot of open space! This is our common area where our folks gather and chat before the morning begins. We have coffee and snacks available for you along with many friendly faces to get to know! 

What if I'm nervous that I won't know anyone?

That's okay! Most of our people act as if they have never met a stranger! We would love to connect you with some of our folks and help you make some new friends along the way! If you're interested in visiting for the first time, feel free to fill out the information below! Your info will be sent to our welcome team, and they will be on the lookout for you in the parking lot to help your first visit go as smoothly as possible!


We hope you have an incredible first day at Infinity Church!

-Infinity Team

First Time Visiting?
Let us know!

We can't wait to meet you!

Thanks for reaching out! We are excited to meet you! One of our pastors will contact you shortly!

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